185°C/175°C Mud Pulse MWD Kit

KeyDrill MWD system offers a complete downhole solution with enhanced performance, extraordinary reliability, tremendous value, and innovative features for our customers.

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185°C/175°C Mud Pulse MWD Kit Details

We offer high-temperature (185°C) tools, which are retrievable and compatible with QDT legacy tools. Our data transfer rates are fast, up to 2 bps. We can outfit our kits for annular/pipe pressure, gamma, as well as drilling dynamic parameters such as real-time shock and vibration, stick-slip, RPM etc. You can downlink to the tool using flow or RPM signals for dynamic sequencing of different data which can be configured while sliding and rotating. Our high accuracy continuous inclination and continuous azimuth measurements provide early warning for directional corrections. The KeyDrill MWD system is an open platform with up to 36 Generic Variables to support third party Gyros, Resistivity and Rotary Steerable (RSS) tools. Our surface system offers the most advanced and reliable decoding technology on the market today. KeyDrill’s Plug & Play, user friendly interface and automated filtering capabilities give our customers a competitive edge over the rest.

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