KeyDrill Downhole BUS Bridge Module (BBM)

P/N 209-0001, 209-0002, 209-0003

KeyDrill’s Downhole Bus Bridge Module (BBM) is designed to bridge or integrate third-party tools into your MWD string.

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BBM Details

Tools such as a secondary or backup Gamma module, Rotary Steerable like Extreme Orbit via Babel Fish, Resistivity, Near-Bit , Azimuthal Gamma or Pressure While Drilling can be easily integrated. The KeyDrill Bus Bridge Module can be configured to communicate via UART, RS485 or CANBus protocols. Measurements from these additional tools are acquired and then translated (commonly a QDT-compatible signal) to your MWD string for transmission to surface. KeyDrill MWD tools can transmit the data to surface through its 36 generic variables. The generic variables can be easily customized (ranges and resolutions) to meet all your application requirements.

CAN Bus Option

KeyDrill’s Bus Bridge Module CAN Bus option, has been designed to communicate with the Powerdrive Orbit RSS via the Babelfish receiver to provide real-time information. Get the downlink confirmation, know the performance you are getting and assess the health of the Powerdrive Orbit RSS for a more efficient drilling operation. Know what is going on downhole with your Powerdrive Orbit RSS.

Run the BBM CAN Bus option with the KeyDrill bottom mount Pulser, PSP Gen3, to get the best Babelfish performance. The KeyDrill pulser was tested and proved to provide the best SNR measurement. Other pulsers generate too much noise which interferes with the transmission between the Powerdrive Orbit RSS and the MWD toolstring.

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