185°C Intelligent Directional Module (KIDM)

P/N 208-0001

The KIDM is a full featured 185°C Directional Module designed and manufactured by KeyDrill for Q-Bus based MWD systems. At a total length of 29.7 inches, the KIDM integrates both the MPU and TPS, eliminating separate units and their associated cost and interfacing. 

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KIDM Details

It’s a plug-and-play High Temperature Directional Module compatible with QDT legacy tools.

Utilizing 185°C Quartz Flexure Accelerometers and proprietary 200°C Precision Flux-Gate Magnetometers, the KIDM is designed to operate reliably at 185°C and provide accurate and repeatable measurements including Continuous Inclination (RInc) and Continuous Azimuth (RAzm). Its qualification and calibration to 185°C ensures performance in the most demanding ‘hot-hole’ applications.

In addition to all the standard Survey Measurements, Drilling Dynamics, Battery Voltage and Gamma, KeyDrill provides advance features such as Realtime Compressed Azimuthal Gamma, Rotation Sequence Switching, Asynchronous Downhole Alerts, 36 Generic variables, Rotation Downlink and more. For a complete list see the next page.

Product Sheet

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