KeyDrill Rotational Gamma Module (KRG)

P/N 202-0001

KeyDrill’s KRG Module is the premier Retrievable Azimuthal Gamma Module available.

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KRG Details

This unit has singlehandedly displaced the “Majors” at an unprecedented rate.  By choosing the KRG advantage your company can reduce operator liability, increase tool availability, and offer Dynamic Imaging Logs at very aggressive price point.  To see field data and schedule a shop demo please contact us today.

Product Sheet

KeyDrill Downhole Tool LWD Products

KeyDrill Rotational Gamma Module (KRG)

The premier retrievable azimuthal gamma module available.

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KeyDrill Pressure While Drilling Module (KPWD)

Measures annular (APWD), drill pipe (IPWD) and differential (DPWD) pressures.

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KeyDrill Downhole BUS Bridge Module

Designed to bridge or integrate third-party tools into your MWD string.

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Telescopic Connector

Used for real-time communication between your MWD tool and a third-party collar-based tool.

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