Micro Receiver System (KMRS)

The KeyDrill Micro Receiver System (KMRS) minimizes the space needed for your decoding system and integrates with your current RFD, laptop, or tablet.

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KMRS Details

The KMRS takes advantage of your existing wireless communication setup between the rig floor and the MWD trailer. The KMRS maintains the high performance as all other KeyDrill receiver systems.

The KeyDrill Micro Receiver System (KMRS) acquires, processes, and decodes the mud-pulses generated by the downhole MWD tools. The decoded data can be then sent wirelessly to the laptop computer in the trailer where it can be viewed, plotted, and further analyzed. This surface system is compatible with most popular Q-Bus and CAN-Bus Mud Pulse MWD tools in the market.

Product Sheet

KeyDrill Surface Equipment Products

Receiver System

Innovative decoding technology, the most complete decoding system package 

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Compact Receiver System

The most innovative decoding technologies available at a tremendous value.

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Micro Receiver System

Minimizes space needed for decoding systems, integrates with RFD, laptop, or tablets.

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KeyDrill DataLogger+

Able to manage all WITS data and display the information on the monitor.

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Depth Monitoring System

incorporates automatic/manual slips detection and an easy-to-use procedure.

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