KeyDrill’s EM-MWD tool uses low-frequency electromagnetic waves to transmit data through the formation. Antennas on the surface receive the signal for decoding by our Surface Acquisition System. The data is sent to the driller’s screen for timely drilling direction adjustments.

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EM MWD Kit Details

The KeyDrill EM-MWD tool utilizes advanced EM technology, intelligent power control and a robust design. The data will be sent to the driller’s screen for timely drilling direction adjustments.  Since the EM Tool transmissions are continuous, it transfers data at a much faster rate than is possible with a Mud Pulse Tool. EM-MWD transmits the survey data during connection and saves rig time. Our EM Tool is the best choice under many conditions, such as: Lost circulation, Coal Bed Methane (CBM), Drilling with air, Under-balanced drilling, and Lost circulation drilling.

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Hybrid EM/MP MWD Kit

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