Short Processing Unit (SPU)

P/N 214-0010

Drop-in replacement for your current QDT legacy based MWD Tools using the shorter strongbacks.

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SPU Details

Instantly upgrade your short chassis fleet and offer today’s most sought-after features. Affordability and Backwards Compatibility are always at the forefront of KeyDrill’s design. If your being asked for Real Time Shock and Vibe, More Dense Data, Faster Survey Times, Rotational Azimuth, or any of the many requirements Key Operators need. Please contact us by filling out a short form, or call +1 281-302-6810 for a formal presentation.

Product Sheet (SPU 175°C)

KeyDrill Downhole Tool MWD Products

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Directional Module

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Microprocessor Unit

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Processing Unit

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Power Supply

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Stepper Pulser

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Pulser Driver

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