KeyDrill Universal Pulser Driver


The KeyDrill Pulser Driver (KPD) is a universally designed driver that is compatible with most mud-pulse pulsers on the market.

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Pulser Driver Details

The KeyDrill Pulser Driver (KPD) is a universally designed driver that is compatible with most mud-pulse pulsers on the market. Its low power consumption can extend the battery life. The robust shock/vibration damping can protect the driver module from the severe conditions of rough drilling while maintaining excellent detection of flow status. The hall sensor failure mode reinforces the reliability and stability of the pulser driver even when one or more hall sensors fail to function downhole. The pulser continues to operate, eliminating the need to trip. The onboard flash memory can record up to 800 circulation hours of memory data with detailed numeric data; pulse information, temperature, battery voltage, flow sensors readings, etc.

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Product Sheet

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