Keydrill Rig Floor Display (RFD)

P/N 103-0001

The KeyDrill Rig Floor Display (RFD) can be used with all the popular MWD systems. It is lightweight, rugged and weatherproof delivering critical information to the Directional Driller.

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RFD Details

KeyDrill’s RFD displays not only traditional data such as Inclination, Azimuth, Gravity/Magnetic Tool Faces and waveform graphics, but has a synchronization indicator and is configurable to display other data such as Dip angle, Gamma data, and Rotational Inc / Rotational Az.

Product Sheet

KeyDrill Surface Equipment Products

Decoding Unit – Mini

The most complete package offered for a decoding system

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Compact Receiver System

Wired decoder, operates with a Rig Floor Display

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Wireless System

Ideal for converting wired MWD surface gear to wireless

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Oil Fill Station

Compact, self-contained, portable and fully automated

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