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KeyDrill Technology LLC

13004 Murphy Road, Suite 220
Stafford, Texas 77477, USA

Office: + 1 281-302-6810
Fax: +1 713-234-7164
Emergency: +1 281-253-2066    


Welcome to KeyDrill

KeyDrill Technology LLC is a Houston, Texas based company specializing in MWD/LWD surface software and hardware system designs.

Founded in 2006 by Kevin Diao, KeyDrill has since become a world leader and a key supplier in mud pulse measurement-while-drilling (“MWD”) decoder and receiver systems for the oil and gas drilling sector.
Mr. Diao has his doctorate in electrical engineering and has more than twenty years of hardware design experience and in excess of 15 years experience in electro-magnetic MWD receiver design, positive mud-pulse receiver design, and negative mud-pulse MWD receiver design etc.  Mr. Diao personally oversees all aspects of the design and production of all KeyDrill products.
KeyDrill’s state-of-the-art receiver system has set the standard for surface signal processing, decoding and receiver system designs. Combining the latest in signal processing, noise cancellation, adaptive and digital communication technologies with reliable “plug and play” techniques, KeyDrill receiver systems provide you with the most advanced and cost effective solutions for numerous difficult MWD applications, including deep drilling, high ROP drilling, and drilling with PDC bits.

KeyDrill’s success has been predicated upon:

  • the continued improvement of its technology so as to provide its customers with the most advanced, up-to-date, cost efficient receiver systems available in today’s market
  • maintaining all design, testing, production and all repairs in-house to ensure the highest standards of quality control
  • providing onsite qualified training and 24/7 engineering support in conjunction with all KeyDrill products and the ability to rectify all product issues in a quick, reliable fashion
  • the ability to provide immediate solutions to our clients’ needs and develop specifically tailored applications.
  • providing extremely mobile, durable, and highly reliable products at competitive pricing
  • allowing customers the choice to either rent or purchase KeyDrill systems based upon their specific corporate needs
  • Employing innovative, professional, highly experienced and motivated people to ensure the continued success of KeyDrill and its customer